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/  Dr. Brianna M. Diorio


Health Refresh

The Health Refresh Group Program is for anyone who is looking to take an individualized approach to wellness, learn more about their health, level up their nutrition knowledge, address root cause issues, have weekly accountability and for those who are finally ready to make sustainable and maintainable lifestyle changes.



• One live webinar to kick off the 6 week program, which will discus building your “health house”, my Core Four Nutraceuticals, how to shift your mindset and relationship around food, dieting and lifelong health

• One individual 45 minute session to discuss nutrition and health goals, intake forms supplements/herbs and health history

One 30 minute follow-up session

• Weekly live group coaching calls (6 total)

• Individualized supplement/ herbal protocol

• Access to private Facebook page, which includes exclusive health, wellness and nutrition content such as recipes, webinars, complementary and alternative health information and additional education material

• Receive a 10 % discount on Brianna Approved Supplements

• Text/E-mail support




Beyond grateful to have crossed paths with Brianna. Her guidance has completely changed my life & my perception on my health for the better. She is extremely thorough in her process and genuinely has a passion for what she does. As someone with an autoimmune disease, it is always difficult to find a practitioner that really understands that your body functions differently. Thank you for the life changing tips, advice & borderline therapist sessions on my journey to great health.

-Rocio M.


I would consider my time with Brianna as one of the top transformational experiences in my life, where I really learned how to understand myself and gained the confidence to stand up for myself on a whole new level. She’s one of the easiest people to talk to, is extremely compassionate and knows how to be direct, but in the most loving way.

-Kaylee M.


I wanted Brianna to help me fix my hormones and she ended up changing my entire life…for the better. I reached out to Brianna when I was desperate. I felt like my doctors were not truly listening to me & just kept pushing medicine on me even though they knew that was not my goal.My doctors told me that I would never be able to naturally conceive when I was 26 years old. After working with Brianna for 1 year, my hormones were back & functioning properly. When my husband and I were ready to start a family, we naturally conceived a beautifully baby girl! I cannot thank Brianna enough for what she has done for me. She always says “you do all of the work,” but if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

-Kelley M.

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