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"I will teach you how to do less to get more out of your health."

My lifestyle & nutrition programs can service both on-site and on-line clients. 

For those looking for a single session to share health history, issues and/or goals to help you get an understanding, build a foundation or refresh.

$ 350


Embark on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling & balanced life.


Optimize your life and achieve peak performance through self-discovery, navigating life's challenges cultivating healthier relationships to further support mind-body health.

*Price Varies*

3, 6 or 12 sessions

Life Coach-5.jpg

These two sessions are to revamp & upgrade current health goals, while examining areas for future improvements & enhancements.

$ 575


These four sessions will jump-start your health journey and create sustainable & maintainable lifestyle changes.

$ 995


These twelve sessions are the most comprehensive, individualized & hands- on approach to improving physical, mental & emotional health & well-being.

$ 5,000


Blood Work &
Functional Lab Analysis


Result & recommendation based review for the interpretation of Lab Results to create custom protocols.

$ 295


Health Refresh



For anyone looking to learn more about their health, level up their nutrition knowledge & address root cause issues,  in order to make sustainable & maintainable lifestyle changes.

Corporate Wellness
& Nutrition


On-site &/or virtual training & webinars done in the convenience of your office or business.

Health Presentations
& Webinars


On-site &/or virtual lectures & distance learning and seminars on health & wellness topics of your choice.

Biochemical Individuality

Each of us has our own specific dietary and lifestyle needs.


We are all unique and individual when dealing with reaching our health and wellness goals.


Each and every single one of my clients is put through an extensive and comprehensive lifestyle and nutrition questionnaire that addresses the needs of the whole individual which encompasses all aspects of their mental, physical and emotional health.

Below are the principle components of my nutrition and lifestyle process for creating sustaianble and maintainable lifestyle changes:

   Nutrition Evaluation

In-depth nutrition questionnaire that will assess current diet, health history, lifestyle, nutrition goals, along with medications, vitamins or current supplement usage.

  Lifestyle Questionnaire

Lifestyle questionnaire from the C.H.E.K. Institute that will assess external factors that could be affecting your health such as stress levels, toxic load, sleep patterns, digestive health and dietary habits.

  Eat Right For Your Metabolic Type

This questionnaire is designed to help you determine the optimal macro-nutrient ratio (carbs, fats & proteins) to begin the process of fine-tuning your body's feedback mechanisms. 

  Practical Nutrition Strategies 

This includes learning the basics of meal planning, how-to clean guidance, including recipes and sample menus along with grocery shopping lists and snack creations.

 Nutrition Follow-Up

This is used to ensure longevity with the nutrition and lifestyle changes. This aspect includes review, critique and tips for personal food journals; Skype/phone sessions to discuss current eating and lifestyle changes, and alternative/natural supplements and herbs for health concerns. 

 D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success

An overall philosophy for optimal health that focuses on Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplements and Stress Reduction. 

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